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Attachment Parenting Good for the Environment?

June 23, 2010

This is an interesting article about the controversial attachment parenting method which is blamed for creating needy children and slaving parents.  The author looks at it from a different perspective and claims that attachment parenting can actually be good for your child and for the environment too.  Please read and let me know what you think…

Go On, Attach Yourself to Your Baby: It’s a Win-Win Situation

You can’t go wrong with attachment parenting. It may be a relatively new practice in the Western world, but this type of parenting embraces the ancient art of maintaining a deep bond with your baby once he or she leaves the womb, allowing them to experience the world with a steady physical and emotional attachment to their parents. At its core, this style of parenting is as good for babies as it is for the earth. As a mother who is raising a toddler in this fashion with a newborn baby on the way, here’s why I believe attachment parenting is an amazing gift to children and the planet!… read the complete article here.

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