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How Are We Being Green?

November 26, 2009

At First Step Organic we are committed to conducting business in a way that respects the environment.  We don’t do this so we can advertise how ‘green’ we are, we just don’t know any other way of doing it!  We share this with you so you know you found the right place to buy your baby clothes.  And if you have not done anything for the environment yet, maybe we can inspire you to start now. 


Below is a list of a few little things we do to keep our impact at a minimum:

  • We Recycle:  Not one piece of recyclable item gets mixed up with regular garbage; everything is sorted.
  • We Buy Second-hand Whenever Possible:  Our office furniture is from craigslist.  Saved us some green and prevented more desks and shelves from ending up in landfills!
  • We Re-use:  All our packaging materials and stationary are made from recycled and recyclable post-consumer content.  We don’t mind paying a few extra bucks to give the trees a break!
  • We Unplug:  Cellphone chargers, printers, computers, routers, you name it.  Anything that is plugged gets unplugged when not in use.
  • We Compost and grow our own vegetables and herbs:  Well, we do this at home but it does impact our approach on doing business.
  • We Reduce:  All our bulbs are CFL which use up to 75% less energy; and all our office equipment is rated energy efficient.
  • We Breathe: The walls at First Step Organic are painted with absolutely-no-VOC paint.  Cleaning is done with environmentally friendly products.
  • We Save Gas: Our company car is a hybrid but we still plan ahead and combine trips; we love walking and biking; and we encourage the use of public transportation whenever available.
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